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A zine curated artfully by Bianca Saunders titled 'Personal Politics' detailing the development and thinking behind  'Personal Politics collection (2017) shown at the RCA show for LFWM . 

'Personal Politics Zine' explores themes of black masculinity, examining it with some of London’s most creative and critical minds. Many of those Saunders collaborated with have explored themes of black masculinity within their own work. Caleb Femi, the Young People’s Laureate for London, as well as James MassiahAbondance Matanda and Seye Isikulu have all lent their words to the project.  This is Illustrated alongside Bianca Saunders working process using photography, drawings and notes.

The Zine follows through  transcripts from the "Personal Politics Documentary" and  conversations artists such as  Thomas J Price and Urbain Wolf . It touches on topics relating to gender, masculinity, patriarchy, in a way more commonly reserved for men’s spaces in private.  This raises questions about how men of colour exist in their masculinity in London today towards challenging these tropes.  The zine looks at  preconceived notions of masculinity through a permissive and impartial lens. Adding another layer to the current social conversation.

Overall the zine provides a unique look in the research to design working process. 

66 Page 

148 x 210 mm

Classic Zine Staple Bound

Cover: 180g  White Paper 

Inside:   90g  White Paper 

Text: Bianca Saunders 

Design: Bianca Saunders 

 Design Assistance  : Jemil Saka 

Photography : Bianca Saunders, Adama Jalloh and Saul Nash 

pages 2 - 66 Clothing 'Bianca Saunders' from the 'Personal Politics Collection' 

Contributors: Caleb Femi, Abondance Matanda, James Massiah, Seye Isikalu, Urbain Wolf, Kareem Reid, Kemar Reid, Chris Codjoe, Hamed Maiye, Emmanuel and Thomas J Price. 

Models: Eldon Somers, Micah Brown, Guido Ghatti and Saul Nash

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